Top 3 Snyk Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

April 4, 2024
6 mins read
Top 3 Snyk Alternatives

Snyk has become a hugely popular platform for securing application code and dependencies. Its cloud-native architecture allows for easy integration into modern CI/CD pipelines to shift security left. Snyk's accurate identification of vulnerabilities and clear remediation guidance make it a favorite among developers. But let's check out some of Snyk's competitors for this post.

Top 3 Snyk alternatives in 2024:

1. Aikido security

Aikido Security is an all-in-one platform that covers vulnerabilities, cloud security, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), SOC 2 & ISO compliance management, and more.

Aikido Security only alerts users for vulnerabilities that can actually reach their code, reducing false positives and duplicate issues. It also automates all technical vulnerability management controls, making SOC2 & ISO 27001 compliance easier.

Aikido Security is aiming at a lower market segment and is a more affordable alternative to Snyk, with licenses starting at $314/month. Compared to Snyk, Aikido takes a more holistic approach to application security.
Its advanced auto-triage streamlines the number of meaningful findings for teams to focus on.

As a new but fast growing player in the AppSec industry, Aikido quickly became one of our favorites.

Aikido Security

Aikido review
Best for:
✅ Scan for vulnerabilities
✅ Auto-triage false positives

✅ Cloud misconfiguration detection
✅ Public secrets detection
✅ Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
✅ Surface monitoring
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Customer quote:
“Best value for money. Coming from Snyk, it was too expensive and Aikido has better SAST capabilities. The mechanism that prevents false positives is superb.”

2. GitHub Advanced Security

Github security website

GitHub offers many free features that help you improve and maintain the quality of your code, such as dependency graph and Dependabot. Other security features require GitHub Advanced Security, which as the name states, offers some of the most advance code scanningwith autofix and vulenerability intelligence. It comes at a high cost though.

GitHub Advanced Security

Aikido review
Best for:
✅ Dependency scanning (SCA)
✅ Container Image Scanning
✅ Secrets detection
✅ SBOM generation
❌ Security add-on for GitHub Enterprise $$$
❌ No Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
❌ No Surface Monitoring (DAST)
❌ No Malware Detection in Dependencies

3. security, formerly WhiteSource, specializes in developing top-tier Application Security (AppSec) programs to reduce risk and accelerate development speed. Mend defends against threats from supply chains, malicious package attacks, and vulnerabilities in open source and custom code. is the preferred choice by many enterprise development and security teams. It's a good, robust all-in-one tool, although the UI is a bit outdated and not always so easy to navigate.

Aikido review
Best for:
✅ Scans dependencies (SCA)
✅ Auto-triage false positives

✅ Secrets detection
✅ Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
✅ Reporting
❌ No Monorepo splitting
❌ Unclear UI


If you're in the market for a new application security platform, you're not limited to choosing one of the market leaders, like Snyk. In 2024, there's plenty alternatives that can offer a variety of new features and boast a more affordable pricing, which often plays a big role in the mid market segment? More contenters, like Aikido Security, will probably start claiming a bigger market share now that the AppSec industry is growing at lightspeed pace.